SPRING/SUMMER 2016 – MEMENTO Taking the notion of impermanence as the main concept this season, the historical tragedy of Pompeii becomes the ideal passage to explore the subject. As the city was buried and forgotten for more than 1500 years, it made us question the purpose of being in this brief moment in life. Which […]


No matter where and when you are traveling, your basic packing list should not change much. Winter or summer, you are still going to need to pack your basic essentials that will keep you looking stylish throughout your travels. After being on many holidays, sometimes packing can be one of the most stressful things that we avoid […]


Red and green always go together during the Christmas season. But let’s face the truth that sometimes pairing red and green together can feel like holiday overload, even when you are all filled with Christmas vibes and cheers. Forget “red and green should never be seen” or “wearing red and green might be fashion’s biggest no-no color combinations”! […]

Staff Picks: Underrated & Seal-Dealing Power Lunch Spots

Aurelia Santoso, Creative Director The Kuningan area, where LAISON HQ is located, can very well be a hell hole during rush hour (and frustratingly at random times of the day). As being a fashion designer also means that you are time-poor most of the time, Aurel prefers power lunches that offer close proximity to the […]

Fast Fashion

Coco Chanel once said, “Being copied is the ransom of success.” So when it comes to the hot button issue of design piracy, how is one to define what constitutes ‘copying’, and where do you draw the line? Some intellectual property scholars believe that growth and creativity of the fashion industry actually depend on copying. […]

Former First Lady Dewi Fujin: A Stylish Past, A Colorful Future

On a fateful night in 1959, the beautiful 19-year old Naoko Nemoto met the 57-year old Sukarno at a hostess bar in Ginza, Tokyo. Originally on a state visit to Japan, Indonesia’s first President was instantly smitten. He persuaded her to move to Indonesia, where they were married not long after. Naoko was Soekarno’s sixth […]