Staff Picks: Underrated & Seal-Dealing Power Lunch Spots

Aurelia Santoso, Creative Director

The Kuningan area, where LAISON HQ is located, can very well be a hell hole during rush hour (and frustratingly at random times of the day). As being a fashion designer also means that you are time-poor most of the time, Aurel prefers power lunches that offer close proximity to the office as well as simple, delicious Japanese food. You will often see her enjoying a late lunch at Yoshi Izakaya at the Gran Melia Hotel ordering a Grilled Salmon Head with a side of Negitoro Maki. For Aurel, Yoshi is one of her absolute favorite Japanese restaurants as the quality of ingredients are top notch, service is speedy and the atmosphere is more laid back compared to many other popular Japanese eateries around town.

Yoshi Izakaya at the Gran Melia Hotel

Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kungingan, Jakarta

(021) 5268080

Sharonne Yusuf, Managing Partner

Sharonne prefers comfortable lunch spots with a menu offering a wide variety of high quality food and beverages. A lover of vegetables and a hater of all things fruity, you will often spot her ordering a fresh Quinoa Salad at Common Grounds Coffee Roastery in Citiwallk Mall, Sudirman. Popular amongst Melbourne-style brunch enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs, the busy cafe can be incredibly crowded during lunch hour, thus arriving before noon or a little after one PM is recommended. 

Common Grounds Coffee Roastery

City Walk Sudirman Lantai Ground, Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 121

(021) 25558963