Dark Florals, Carnivorous Plants and Lucid Dreams

Charles Darwin once wrote that the Venus Flytrap is “one of the most wonderful plants in the world.” Something about its carnivorous nature and how it can close its jaw-like leaves in a blink of an eye to consume its prey, has always been fascinating to us.

LAISON’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection which consist of a tight edit of 18 looks drew inspiration from carnivorous plants, often overlooked dark florals, and the mysteries of the lucid dreaming state.

The line plays with sultry desert-inspired colors paired with originally designed digital prints featuring carnivorous plants and succulents. Elements of beading embellishments and pleating are dominant, along with high necklines and asymmetrical shapes. We then further explore references of lucid dreaming – of being able to take control in a state of unconsciousness – with sheer and solid materials, and then constructed it so that it manipulates the silhouette, and then balanced it with asymmetrical shapes and structured yet relaxed cuts.

Here are some of our favorites from the collection:

  1. The multi functional Una blazer for a day to night look
  2. Nyx dress for a cocktail party
  3. Alina backless bustier and culottes for a more formal occasion

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