Taking the notion of impermanence as the main concept this season, the historical tragedy of Pompeii becomes the ideal passage to explore the subject. As the city was buried and forgotten for more than 1500 years, it made us question the purpose of being in this brief moment in life. Which in turn is a very common question that we ask ourselves.

The tiles of Pompeii alongside igneous rocks are utilized; Minerals that are created through extreme conditions become an important element of the prints. As these process reminded us of the fact that, beauty and meaning are formed as a result of unfavorable situations.

Envisioning the LAISON woman as a persona who overcomes misfortune with strength and dignity, the Spring/Summer 2016 collection are designed with such quality. The silhouettes are inspired by the architecture of the ancient Roman that has withstood time and seasons. Extended and curvilinear, the skirts are cut high at the waist, giving the illusion and the structure of an elongated posture. After all elegance and strength comes hand in hand with grace, something that the Ancient Romans and the LAISON woman are familiar with.

As the modern urban women seek their own purpose and place in this world, the question of meaning becomes more and more relevant. As adversity becomes the quintessence of the life of a modern woman, this collection is meant to express the meaning of our experiences in this limited time we have, without overlooking its beauty. Furthermore, adversity can be very empowering once you have passed the trials of life.

In the attempt to articulate opulence, as a reminder of glorious time, “Memento” emphasize on details and embellishments by utilizing beads with crackling textures and embroidered prints. After all, what you created is how your story will be told, long after you are gone. Although the title of the collection is taken from the phrase “Memento Mori” directly translated in Latin to “remember, that you have to die” the collection wasn’t about the fear of an end, but the celebration of life. “Memento” in itself means “keepsake” or “remembrance”.

Memento Catalogue